TXM Healthcare takes its responsibility as a designated body very seriously and works with its partners to go The Xtra Mile for Doctors and Nurses

Annual Appraisal Services

Regular Appraisals are viewed as the foundation of continued competency for healthcare professionals, by regulatory and professional bodies across the world, underpinning their programs of Revalidation and Relicensing.

Multisource Feedback

MEDSU provides a complete administrative service to assist and support the gathering, collation and reporting of feedback data, Complementing our Feedback tech. Ensuring the integrity of feedback data, its anonymity and security where required.

Revalidation and Relicensing

Revalidation and Relicensing are the endpoints of continued competency programs that aim to support healthcare professionals with their professional development, assure the public of their continued fitness to practise and ensure patient safety

Complaints & Investigations

MEDSU provides an independent expert complaint and incident investigation service. Impartial, objective and free from bias. Ensuring a satisfactory response to concerns and delivering insight and systemic perspective.

Responsible Officer

Responsible Officers are a new class of senior medical professional with statutory approval, who have a legal responsibility for patient safety and the governance and fitness to practice of GMC registered medical practitioners.

Designated Body

Designated Bodies are healthcare organisations who have statutory approval and responsibilities for the governance of GMC registered medical professionals connected to and working through them.


TXM Healthcare have worked with MEDSU since 2014 to support Doctors with Revalidation and Appraisals.

"In a busy world empathy is key and we have always enjoyed that when dealing with MEDSU. Great communication and of course quality outcomes delivered for TXM Healthcare and our Doctors"
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Blake Golding
Governance and Assurance Director
"As a designated body it is our obligation to support Doctors through the GMC's revlidation process and with the help of MEDSU we like being able to offer a partner that is by doctors, for doctors"
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Matthew Maple
Commercial Director






Some of the values that underpin our compliance service


Reduced Lead Times

As a specialist provider of Healthcare and Medical recruitment services we are a true expert in our field resulting in better results for our candidates and clients alike.​


Sustainable Practice

Committed to improving patient safety and quality of care. Adding value and delivering transformation through innovation and sustainability.


No Compromise on Safety

Meeting the support, governance and regulatory needs of healthcare professionals and organisations of all sizes.


TXM Healthcare have worked with ACI since 2012 to provide Occupational Health and Clinical support to Healthcare Professionals all over the world

"ACI have such great Clinical experience in the team that they bring to the confirmation process that it really offers a level of comfort and security for our nurses to know they are in safe hands"
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Blake Golding
Governance and Assurance Director
"We really want to help our Nurses whatever the circumstance, its great to talk things through and get different perspectives - with the aim always being a relfective outcome. Nurses care, and so do we"
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Jo Nicholas
Managing Director


Reduced onboarding times to find the next step in your career

Market leading technology solutions

Avaliable on Web or Mobile, wherever you need

Built with efficency in mind, we are always open to feedback

Talk to your dedicated compliance consultant

Exceeding all standards to protecting your data

Call the team for help and support whenever you need

Be reminded of key dates for document renewals

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