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Are you looking for increased capacity whilst maintaining quality of care in your service? Do you want cost effective solutions that take into account the forces of supply and demand on resources? Get in touch, lets have a conversation about our partners and how they can help – they provide the Clinical expertise, we ensure the team is there

Blake takes a hands on approach to his role as Governance and Assurance Director and has the benefit of over 10 years in the Healthcare sector.

blake golding
Governance & Assurance Director
Rhian is an process oriented Operations Director who who has previously worked in various healthcare settings before joining the TXM team in 2013. She is also responsible for our succesful ISO Accreditations.
Rhian Nicholas
Operations Director
Franks support for our Doctors is of great value. He is a dynamic and engaging Resposnible Officer with great experience working with other RO's and NHS England setting the standard for Appraisals across the NHS.
DR frank o'kelly
Responsible Officer
In his role as Registered Manager for the RQIA Ciaran is responsible for overseeing the Safe, Caring and Effective leadership of our Northern Irish Nursing Agency and fulfilling our regulatory obligations with the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority
Ciaran Maynes
Registered Manager

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