going the xtra mile

At TXM Healthcare we understand that good communication improves your experience. All feedback goes straight to our Directors – We want to hear from you. 



Rhian Nicholas

Quality and Operations Director

Rhian has 20 years of experience within the Healthcare sector and is experienced in providing robust operational controls and quality measures specific to healthcare recruitment and services.
She is a qualified internal auditor and manages all our ISO accreditations. Rhian has previously held roles such as Registered Manager and supports our internal clinical team.


Dr Frank O'Kelly

Responsible Officer

Franks support for our Doctors is of great value. He is a dynamic and engaging Resposnible Officer with great experience working with other RO’s and NHS England setting the standard for Appraisals across the NHS.


Ciaran Maynes

Registered Nurse Manager

In his role as Registered Nurse Manager Ciaran is responsible for overseeing the Safe, Caring and Effective leadership of our Nursing Agency and fulfilling our regulatory obligations with relevant governing bodies. Ciaran is also Lead of our Clinical Board for Nursing.