TXM Healthcare have gone paperless! To support our environmental pledges and advance with technology we are now able to our rapid onboarding program to all new canddiates!

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Paperless & Mobile

Are you looking for increased capacity whilst maintaining quality of care in your service? Do you want cost effective solutions that take into account the forces of supply and demand on resources as things stand in 2020? Get in touch, lets have a conversation about our partners and how they can help – they provide the Clinical expertise, we ensure the team is there 

“Having the technological capability to offer remote consultations, where appropriate, will be beneficial for general practice, the wider NHS and most importantly our patients, long after this pandemic has ended,”
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Blake Golding
Governance and Assurance Director
"Going paperlesss has really streamlined our onboarding and ongoing compliance process and made it much easier for candidates to get registered than before whilst maintaining our high standards"
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Charlotte Barnes
Compliance Manager


We are currently seeking Doctors whom are interested in working remotely in the following specialties

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Reduced Lead Times

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Sustainable Practice

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No Compromise on Safety

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