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Going The Xtra Mile

Welcome to TXM Healthcare, where excellence in healthcare recruitment is our commitment and passion. As a proud member of the prestigious TXM Group, we bring a legacy of success, integrity, and innovation to the forefront of the healthcare industry.


At TXM, we believe in the power of collaboration. Our extensive network within the healthcare sector enables us to form valuable partnerships that drive success. We understand that nurturing strong, enduring relationships involves not only appreciating but also leveraging knowledge and expertise.

Our Mission is to be a key collaborative partner to the NHS and Private sector for all those in healthcare staffing and be a highly regarded partner of choice. 

Quality with a strong emphasis on delivering solutions that exceed our client’s expectations. TXM is devoted to excellence in all areas of healthcare staffing and services – making us always driven to achieve high standards with processes, audits, and feedback which reflects in our efficiency and customer loyalty.

Enthusiasm for what we do best; taking pride in performing to a high standard and having the desire to succeed, our TXM Healthcare team works hard to find the right answer to solve any healthcare staff and service problem.

Partnerships our TXM community connections allows us to collaborate and interact in various beneficial ways across the healthcare sector: we recognise that building strong, lasting relationships valuing knowledge and expertise in partnership, makes us all the best we can be!


Meet The TXM Family


Jo Nicholas

Group Director Healthcare

Jo Nicholas, the visionary founder and Healthcare Group Director of TXM Healthcare, possesses an impressive two-decade track record in the sector. Her leadership is founded on core values of honesty, unwavering diligence, and professionalism, with a primary focus on healthcare recruitment and career development. Jo’s HR background has sharpened her keen emphasis on safety, a hallmark of her leadership approach. Her current focus is on shaping the strategic direction of the business, aiming to expand the TXM Healthcare Group. Her unwavering commitment to motivating the team to consistently go the extra mile, known as “The Xtra Mile,” fuels the organisation’s growth and ongoing success.


Danny Limby

Managing Director

Danny Limby, a co-founder and our current Managing Director, founded our Nursing Sales division in 2013. His connections with private and public sector clients have been pivotal to our success, making this division synonymous with efficiency and reliability. With over 15 years of experience, Danny sets high standards for our sales team and mentors many successful Sales Consultants. As Managing Director, his outstanding leadership led to TXM’s most successful year to date. .


Matthew Maple

Commercial Director

Matthew is our accomplished Commercial Director, known for his open and empathetic communication style. He places a strong emphasis on cultivating lasting working relationships and translating ideas into tangible results. During his tenure at TXM, Matthew has spearheaded various innovative projects, offering clients invaluable market insights to enhance their recruitment solutions for optimal service value across both the NHS and Private sectors.


Rhian Nicholas

Quality and Operations Director

Rhian, the Operations Director at TXM Healthcare, oversees standards and guides the organisation through ISO Quality, Security, and Environmental certification. Her attention to detail fosters a culture of continuous improvement and aligns the team with healthcare industry standards. She plays a pivotal role in ensuring processes with quality and regulatory standards, driving excellence within the TXM Healthcare. Additionally, as the Registered Manager for the Scottish Nursing Recruitment service, she maintains the highest standards of quality and excellence in healthcare recruitment.


Michael Hollis

Director of Nursing

Michael has been a pivotal figure in the TXM Healthcare team since 2014. As the Director of Nursing, he supervises an extensive network of nursing candidates throughout the UK. Michael specialises in delivering tailored recruitment solutions to clients for various positions and projects in the NHS and Private sectors. His responsibilities encompass managing a diverse nursing professional workforce and client portfolio, with a strong focus on ensuring the provision of high-quality care and maximising value. Michael’s wealth of expertise and experience in recruitment is integral to the success of TXM Healthcare in delivering outstanding nursing workforce solutions to our valued clients.


Omar Hassine

Director Mental Health Nursing

As our Director of Mental Health Nursing, Omar excels in addressing the challenges within the mental health sector and is highly motivated to deliver cost-effective, professional staffing solutions to both government and private organizations. With extensive knowledge in this field, Omar adopts a dependable and hands-on approach to assembling high-quality, highly motivated nursing teams across the UK. He shoulders the vital responsibility of not merely meeting but surpassing regulatory and ethical standards. Omar’s exceptional contributions to the mental health field have earned him Platinum audits and commendations from clients. His unwavering dedication and expertise make him an invaluable asset to our team and clients alike.


Unique demands require bespoke solutions and here at TXM Healthcare we believe every project should have the personal approach it needs.


With safety at the heart of everything we do, you can be assured when working with TXM Healthcare that you're in safe hands.


Treating people are you like be treated is key to going the Xtra Mile. Get to know more about our team and initiatives.


You're a specialist in your field, and so are we. Whether it be for a week or forever with years of experience let us take the next step in your career The Xtra Mile!


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